How do I book for a seminar?

To make a booking for one or several people please go to the booking page of the Deloitte School of Tax & Legal website click here and select the appropriate seminar and region from the drop down menu, fill in the required details and hit submit.

I have not received an invoice:

Before the seminar: Invoicing takes place after the event but if you need pre-approval in terms of your firm’s processes we can arrange for a pro-forma invoice on request. Please click here to request a pre seminar pro forma invoice.

After the seminar: Our apologies for not getting your invoice to you in a timely fashion. Please click here to report the issue to us.

I have not received confirmation of my booking:

We will confirm your attendance soonest. Confirmation emails are sent directly to the delegates email address.  If you have not heard from us in a few days and you are concerned please click here to let us know.

Confirmations for the wrong course or venue:

Sometimes the wrong course or region is selected whilst making the online booking. We will confirm the booking as reflected on our system. If this is not the session you intended to book for, please click here to let us know and we will amend your booking and re-confirm.

I am making a late booking and need quick confirmation:

Please click here if you are making your booking shortly before the session and you are concerned about your confirmation.

Can I still book for a session?

If a session is fully booked we will indicate this on our online calendar. Click here.

I need to cancel my booking:

Please note that we charge a 50% cancellation fee for seminars not cancelled 48 hours in advance. (This excludes weekends.) This is to recover the overhead costs incurred relating to your planned attendance and the cost of the course material. If you need to cancel please click here.

Will I receive a CPD certificate?

All attendees of our workshops will receive a personalised CPD certificate with the course name, date and the number of qualifying hours recorded on it.  The CPD certificate is sent out via our mailing system and needs to be saved by the delegate as a pdf document for future reference.


  • What are the system requirements to attend the webinar? 

You will require a good internet connection in order to join and participate in the live webcast.

Please use this link to test your system:  http://themediaframe.com/links/techHelp.html

  • How do I join the webinar?

You will receive an email once you have registered and a reminder email 1 hour before the Webinar starts.

  • Will I receive the course material for the webinar?

You will have the option to download all course material during the webinar from the Downloads tab.

  • Will I be able to prompt questions to the presenter during the live webcast?

All participants to the live webcast will be able to post questions to the presenter via a Q&A box located at the bottom of the screen.

The presenter will address and discuss the questions after the Webinar is complete with the Q&A slide being shown.

Any questions not answered due to time constraints can be dealt with via email after the webinar.

  • Will I be able to access the webinar when I am unable to join the live webcast?

Yes. All delegates who booked for the webinar will receive an email notification 2 days subsequent to the live webcast with a link to the recording of the live webinar.